Bestest Friends Network

We all know that eventually, I'm fated to rule the world. (Destined? However you like to call it.) It's going to happen. Wouldn't you like to have some power under the new regime?

Well, now this dream can be a reality. All you have to do is contact me at my email address, alloni(at)aposiopesis(dot)net, telling me that you would like to join this swiftly growing collective, and your name will be added to the list. After that, the occasional message saying, "Alloni, you're my Bestest Friend," will keep you in my good graces. The world will be divided fairly equally among you, although remember that seniority counts for dibs, so act now.

The List

NameHas dibs on
CheriCalifornia, Utah, Haiti
BrianAlaska through Oregon
WallyFiji, US Virgin Islands, Nevada, Arizona, and Santa's Workshop and surrounding North Pole
AnnAustralia, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Tibet, Nepal, New Mexico (tentative)
CarlosNew Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong
VerniaBrazil, Guam, Antarctica (minus the North Pole)
MandieThe oceans
EricThe rest of South and Central America
Jon BrookHawaii. Negotiations with Vernia are continuing for Antarctica, though his request for the plateaus of southern Venezuela have been denied by Eric.
KyeliThe Alps and Switzerland
TanyaThe Vatican, Trinidad, Tobago, Puerto Rico

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